Universal Ultra Short Throw Projector Interactive Whiteboard, Aluminium

Dry Erase Markers and Cloth for 90" / 96" Whiteboard

100" Whiteboard for Projection and Dry-erase

HP 2U Cable Management Arm for Ball Bearing Gen8 Rail Kit

KX-B061-A, Mobile floor stand with locking casters

Electronic Pen Holder

4 Markers (Black, Red, Blue, Green) f/KX-BP800

50" Electronic Whiteboard with Built-in Monochrome Printer and USB Interface

63'', Color Electronic Whiteboard, USB2.0

Panasonic UB-5838C, USB, USB Type-A, 94.5" (2.4 m), 700 mA, 100 - 240, 50/60 Hz

UB-7325 - Electronic Whiteboard