HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Edition Software Platform with 200-Node E-LTU

HP IMC IPSec VPN Manager additional 1000-node E-LTU

HP IMC Network Traffic Analyzer Software Module with 10-node E-LTU

HP IMC Smart Connect Virtual Appliance Edition E-LTU

HP IMC Smart Connect w/Wireless Service Manager Virtual Appliance Software E-LTU

HP IMC Standard Edition Software Platform with 100-node E-LTU

HP IMC TACACS+ Authentication Manager Software Module with 100-node E-LTU

HP IMC User Authentication Management Software Module with 200-user E-LTU

HP IMC Voice Services Manager Software Module with 100-phone E-LTU

HP Insight Dynamics w/Insight Control ProLiant Electronic Software License with 1 year 24x7 Technical Support and Updates