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2-year extension of limited warranty for TravelMate notebook with 1-year limited warranty (Excludes extension of International Traveler's Warranty. Does not cover batteries, upgrades or accessories used with the covered notebook.) + 3-year next- business-day limited on-site service (Runs concurrently with limited warranty and limited warranty extension.)

Acer 146.AD362.004, 3 year(s), Next Business Day (NBD)

2 Year Extension of Limited Warranty + 3 Year Total Protection Upgrade for all Notebooks & Netbooks That Come With A 1 Year Factory Warranty Except Linux OS

1-Year Warranty for P243 Service with 3-Year Total Protection and NBD Onsite

2 Year Mail-In Extended Service Agreement for Desktops

2 Year Next Business Day Onsite Extended Service Agreement for AcerPower and Aspire Desktops

2 Year Total Protection Extended Service Agreement for Notebooks

Acer 2-Year Extension of Limited Warranty with 3-Year Total Protection Upgrade for Projectors, 2 year(s)

AppleCare+ for MacBook/MacBook Air

AppleCare+ for Mac mini