Cisco Fiber Storage Shelf Patch Panel
Cisco Fiber Storage Shelf Patch Panel

Cisco Fiber Storage Shelf Patch Panel

Fiber Storage Shelf
Manufacturer part number 15454-FBR-STRG=
The Cisco ONS 15454 Fiber Storage Shelf (FSS) provides slack storage for single patch-cords and ribbon fiber cables for Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP deployments. It is used to maintain orderly fiber slack storage for intrashelf cabling as well as for system-level cables. The FSS is engineered by Cisco Systems® to protect both single and ribbon fiber cables from bend-induced losses by using large radius fiber storage reels and bend-limiting fiber entrance hardware. A pull-out drawer allows access to the fiber storage area and, when closed, protects the fiber jumpers from accidental damage. Table 1 outlines fiber storage capacity. The Cisco FSS is equipped with a dual screw grounding point for bonding to the facility ground.

Fiber-storage shelf supports eight 2-meter ribbon cables (8-fiber) plus 40 2-meter 2-mm fiber cables. Ships with ANSI 19" and 23" and ETSI 600mm mounting brackets.

Weight & dimensions

17.6" (446.1 mm)
10.9" (276.9 mm)
1.7" (43.2 mm)
7.94 lbs (3.6 kg) 12 Port 1U Wall Mount Cat 6 110 Patch Panel - 45 Degree

24-port, RJ45, Cat 6

8.3/125 Breakout Fiber Patch Panel, 40 GB to 10 GB, 15 MTP QSFP to 60 LC Duplex Singlemode Ports, 1U