Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C

SQL Server 2008 Standard, Client Access License (CAL), OVS-C
Manufacturer part number 359-05175
Complete Data Platform for Departmental Applications
SQL Server 2008 Standard is a complete data management and business intelligence platform providing best-in-class ease of use and manageability for running departmental applications

Top Features
- SharePoint Integration
- Policy-Based Management
- Excel 2007 and Visio 2007 Add-in Support
- Automatic Corruption Recovery from Mirror
- Comprehensive Set of Data Mining Algorithms
- Auto-generate Staging and Data Warehouse Schema

Ease of Use
Reduce operational and development overhead with an easy-to-use database platform for small- to medium-scale database solutions.

Ensure business continuity
- Facilitate server upgrades with stable and more predictable query performance
- Ensure business continuity with enhanced Database Mirroring including automatic page repair and improved performance

Store any information
- Build Spatial capabilities into your applications with new geography and geometry data types
- Store binary data in the file system while preserving it as an integral of the database with FILESTREAM

System requirements

Minimum RAM
1024 MB
Minimum processor
1.4 GHz

Technical details

Mac compatibility

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