Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard, CAL, OVS-C

SQL Server 2008 Standard, Client Access License (CAL), OVS-C
Manufacturer part number 359-05175
Complete Data Platform for Departmental Applications
SQL Server 2008 Standard is a complete data management and business intelligence platform providing best-in-class ease of use and manageability for running departmental applications

Top Features
- SharePoint Integration
- Policy-Based Management
- Excel 2007 and Visio 2007 Add-in Support
- Automatic Corruption Recovery from Mirror
- Comprehensive Set of Data Mining Algorithms
- Auto-generate Staging and Data Warehouse Schema

Ease of Use
Reduce operational and development overhead with an easy-to-use database platform for small- to medium-scale database solutions.

Ensure business continuity
- Facilitate server upgrades with stable and more predictable query performance
- Ensure business continuity with enhanced Database Mirroring including automatic page repair and improved performance

Store any information
- Build Spatial capabilities into your applications with new geography and geometry data types
- Store binary data in the file system while preserving it as an integral of the database with FILESTREAM

SQL Server 2008 Standard, 1 year, Client Access License (CAL), AP User

Windows Server CAL, OLV-GOV, License/Software Assurance, 1 user Client Access License, 1 Year Acquired Year 1

SQL Server Standard Edition, EDU, Open License Value - Level E, 1 year, Additional Product, Multilingual

SQL Server Enterprise Core Edition 2012, Open License Program - No Level, Qualified, Single Language