Acer 146.EE077.002
Acer 146.EE077.002

Acer 146.EE077.002

2 Year Extension of Limited Warranty + 3 Year Total Protection Upgrade for all Notebooks & Netbooks That Come With A 1 Year Factory Warranty Except Linux OS
Manufacturer part number 146.EE077.002
Vendor Acer
Acer 146.EE077.002. Compatibility: Notebook, Netbook


Notebook, Netbook

Cisco SmartNet 8x5x4 (SNTE), 1Y, f/ WS-C2960CX-8PC-L

HP 3 year Service Guard Linux Sybase 4-8P 1y 24x7 Flex PCL LTU Proactive Care Advanced Service

SmartNet, 8x5, NBD, 1Y, f/ WS-C3560CX-8PC-S