Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, SP1, x64, Disk Kit, RUS
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, SP1, x64, Disk Kit, RUS

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, SP1, x64, Disk Kit, RUS

SharePoint Server 2010, Service Pack 1, x64, Disk Kit, RUS
Manufacturer part number 76P-01406
Vendor Microsoft
SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites, Standard
For small and mid-sized organizations looking to create public Internet sites or basic extranets using the Standard features of SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together.
Using SharePoint 2010, your people can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

​SharePoint 2010 Sites provides a single infrastructure for all your business Web sites. Share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information to customers.

SharePoint 2010 Composites offers tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions. Build no-code solutions to rapidly respond to business needs.​

​SharePoint 2010 Insights gives everyone access to the information in databases, reports, and business applications. Help people locate the information they need to make good decisions.

​SharePoint 2010 Communities delivers great collaboration tools—and a single platform to manage them. Make it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want.

​SharePoint 2010 Content makes content management easy. Set up compliance measures ”behind the scenes”—with features like document types, retention polices, and automatic content sorting—and then let people work naturally in Microsoft Office.

​SharePoint 2010 Search cuts through the clutter. A unique combination of relevance, refinement, and social cues helps people find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done.


Language version

System requirements

Minimum hard disk space
80000 MB
Minimum RAM
4096 MB
Minimum processor
Minimum system requirements
.NET Framework v3.5 SP1\nDVD-ROM

Technical details

Software type
Disk Kit
Compatible operating systems
Windows Server 2008 Standard\nWindows Server 2008 Enterprise\nWindows Server 2008 Datacenter\nWindows Server 2008 R2 Standard\nWindows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise\nWindows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
Mac compatibility
Software version

SQL Server Standard Edition, EDU, Open License Value - Level E, 1 year, Additional Product, Multilingual

SharePoint Server 2010, Service Pack 1, x64, Disk Kit, HUN

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