Cisco CSACS-5.7-VM-UP-K9 software license/upgrade
Cisco CSACS-5.7-VM-UP-K9 software license/upgrade

Cisco CSACS-5.7-VM-UP-K9 software license/upgrade

Secure ACS 5.7 VMware software and Base license upgrade from previous versions
Manufacturer part number CSACS-5.7-VM-UP-K9
The Cisco® Secure Access Control System ties together an enterprise’s network-access policy and identity strategy. This highly sophisticated policy-based access control platform delivers:

- Unique, flexible, and detailed device administration in IPv4 and IPv6 networks with full auditing and reporting capabilities as required for standards compliance
- A powerful attribute-guided and rules-based policy model that flexibly addresses complex policy needs
- A lightweight web-based GUI with intuitive navigation and a workflow accessible from both IPv4 and IPv6 clients
- Integrated advanced monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting capabilities for excellent control and visibility
- A distributed architecture for medium-sized and large-scale deployments, with up to 22 instances in a single cluster
- Capability to connect different nodes (instances) in a cluster to different Microsoft Active Directory domains
- Administrator authentication through Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
- API for create, read, update, and delete operations on devices and hosts
- Support for the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
- Synchronization of the machine access restriction (MAR) cache among all Secure Access Control System instances in a cluster
- Scheduled (automated) reports sent through email
- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps for the solution’s health status
- Encrypted (secure) syslogs
- Capability to disable users after N days of inactivity
- Capability to disable users after N failed attempts on a user or group basis
- Email notifications to users and administrators N days before their passwords expire

Customers can upgrade to release 5.7 from any previous version. Release 5.7 includes software utilities to migrate data from previous versions.


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2600 Series IOS Plus Feature License

vCenter Server 6 Standard f/ vSphere 6, Basic Support/Subscription, 3 Y, Academic

RedHat Enterprise Linux Workstation, Self-Support, 1 year, 1-2 Sockets, english

Autodesk AutoCAD LT for Mac 2017, 1, 1 year(s)