Barracuda Networks Energize Updates

Manufacturer part number BBS791A-E3
Vendor Barracuda
Energize Updates

Barracuda Energize Updates provide your Barracuda Networks product with protection from the latest Internet threats. The team at Barracuda Central continuously monitors the Internet for new trends in network security threats and develops strategies to mitigate those threats.

Energize Updates deliver the latest definitions most appropriate to your product -- spam, virus, content categories, spyware filter, intrusion prevention, IM protocols, policies, security updates, attacks and document formats.

These updates are sent out hourly or more frequently if needed, to ensure that you always have the latest and most comprehensive protection.

Barracuda Energize Updates subscriptions must be purchased with any Barracuda Networks appliance to provide complete protection from the latest internet threats. Subscriptions can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 year terms.

Energize Update subscriptions will be provided for up to 5 years for a particular hardware platform. Hardware can be easily refreshed at any time through the "Barracuda Hardware Refresh Program". Any unused portion of Energize Updates subscription will automatically be transferred to the new hardware platform.

- Basic Support, which includes email support 24x7 and phone support between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the US (Pacific Time), Japan, China, Austria and the United Kingdom time zones
- Firmware Maintenance which includes new firmware updates with feature enhancements and bug fixes
- Security Updates to patch or repair any security vulnerabilities
- Optional participation in the Barracuda Early Release Firmware program
Compatibility Barracuda Networks Backup Server 791
Service time (days x hours) 7x24
Number of years 3 year(s)
Phone support Y
Web support Y
Hewlett Packard Enterprise H3157E warranty & support extension
HP 3y Nbd Stor DLT/LTO Ext Tape HWSupp - DLT/LTO External/Module Tape Drives - 3 years of hardware s
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3 year 4 hour 13x5 Storage Works 4 Bay Rack Hardware Support
HP 3y 4h 13x5 Stor 4 Bay Rack HW Support - SureStore Tape Array 5300 - 3 years of hardware support.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1year Post Warranty 4hour 24x7 DAT 24 USB HW Support
HP 1y PW 4h 24x7 DAT 24 USB HW Supp - DAT USB Tape drives - 1 year post warranty HW support. 4 hour