Barracuda Networks Energize Updates

Manufacturer part number BBS895A-E3
Vendor Barracuda
- Basic Support, which includes email support 24x7 and phone support between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the US (Pacific Time), Japan, China, Austria and the United Kingdom time zones
- Firmware Maintenance which includes new firmware updates with feature enhancements and bug fixes
- Security Updates to patch or repair any security vulnerabilities
- Optional participation in the Barracuda Early Release Firmware program
Compatibility Barracuda Networks Backup Server 895
Service time (days x hours) 7x24
Number of years 3 year(s)
Phone support Y
Web support Y
Hewlett Packard Enterprise H3157E warranty & support extension
HP 3y Nbd Stor DLT/LTO Ext Tape HWSupp - DLT/LTO External/Module Tape Drives - 3 years of hardware s
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3 year 4 hour 13x5 Storage Works 4 Bay Rack Hardware Support
HP 3y 4h 13x5 Stor 4 Bay Rack HW Support - SureStore Tape Array 5300 - 3 years of hardware support.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise 1year Post Warranty 4hour 24x7 DAT 24 USB HW Support
HP 1y PW 4h 24x7 DAT 24 USB HW Supp - DAT USB Tape drives - 1 year post warranty HW support. 4 hour