HP FreeDOS 2.0

Manufacturer part number W6Q97AV
Vendor HP
FreeDOS is a disk operating system (DOS) software variant distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is an open-source operating system that provides basic operating system functionality on the computer.

HP computers sold with FreeDOS are intended for customers who have a license for an additional operating system, if so desired. The owner of the computer is responsible for obtaining the license for any additional software installed on that computer, and in accordance to the license agreement for that software.
Architecture support
Supports x86 systems Y
64-bit computing N
Other features
Kernel foundation FreeDOS Kernel (DOS-C)
Minimum system requirements 640Kb
System requirements
Minimum RAM 0.000512 GB
Recommended processor Intel 8088 +
Microsoft Desktop Education, 1, 1 year(s)
Microsoft Desktop Education, 1, 1 year(s)
Microsoft Education Desktop, 1, Open Value License (OVL), 1 year(s)
Enterprise Linux Desktop, Premium, 1 Year