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35 Products found

Fortinet CBL3-1NMRPMSMA 0.3m RF Black coaxial cable
CBL3-1NMRPMSMA, 1 Foot RF Patch Cable
Cisco 60 inch Bulkhead Extender 1.52m networking cable
Cisco 60 inch Bulkhead Extender, 59.8" (1.52 m)
Cisco 5-ft Low Loss Cable 1.5m networking cable
5-ft low loss cable, one straight N connector, one 90-degree N connector
Cisco AIR-CAB005LL-R 1.52m RP-TNC RP-TNC Black coaxial cable
5ft./1.52m low loss cable, 1x RP-TNC plug, 1x RP-TNC jack, Interconnect, Black
Cisco Low Loss Plenum 1.7m White networking cable
Cisco Low Loss Plenum, 66.9" (1.7 m), White
Cisco 10-ft Low Loss Cable 3m networking cable
10-ft low loss cable, one straight N connector, one 90-degree N connector
Cisco 30m RP-TNC 30m networking cable
Cisco 30m RP-TNC, 1181.1" (30 m)
Cisco 45m RP-TNC 46m networking cable
150 ft. cable with RP-TNC connectors
Cisco CAB-L400-20-TNC-N= 6m TNC Black coaxial cable
20ft, LMR-400 cable with a TNC male and N female connectors
Cisco 15m ULL LMR 240 15m coaxial cable
50-ft (15m) Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 Cable with TNC Connector
Cisco Cable/6m Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 w/N 6m coaxial cable
20-ft (6m) Low Loss LMR 400 Cable with N Connectors
Cisco AIR-CAB005LL-R-N= 1.5m N 90d RP-TNC coaxial cable
5-ft low-loss cable, one RP-TNC plug, one 90-degree N male connector