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29 Products found

Cisco 60 inch Bulkhead Extender 1.52m networking cable
Cisco 60 inch Bulkhead Extender, 59.8" (1.52 m)
Cisco Low Loss Plenum 1.7m White networking cable
Cisco Low Loss Plenum, 66.9" (1.7 m), White
Cisco 10-ft Low Loss Cable 3m networking cable
10-ft low loss cable, one straight N connector, one 90-degree N connector
Cisco 30m RP-TNC 30m networking cable
Cisco 30m RP-TNC, 1181.1" (30 m)
Cisco 45m RP-TNC 46m networking cable
150 ft. cable with RP-TNC connectors
Cisco 15m ULL LMR 240 15m coaxial cable
50-ft (15m) Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 Cable with TNC Connector
Cisco Cable/6m Ultra Low Loss LMR 400 w/N 6m coaxial cable
20-ft (6m) Low Loss LMR 400 Cable with N Connectors
Cisco CAB-L400-20-TNC-N= 6m TNC Black coaxial cable
20ft, LMR-400 cable with a TNC male and N female connectors
Cisco AIR-CAB005LL-R-N= 1.5m N 90d RP-TNC coaxial cable
5-ft low-loss cable, one RP-TNC plug, one 90-degree N male connector
Cisco CAB-L400-5-N-NS= 1.5m coaxial cable
5-ft (1.5m) Low Loss LMR 400 Cable with N Connectors (straight to straight)
Cisco CAB-L600-30-N-N= 9.14m coaxial cable
30-ft (9.14m) Ultra Low Loss LMR 600 Cable with N Connectors