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Cisco PA-POS-1OC3-RF Internal 155.52Mbit/s networking card
1-Port OC-3/STM-1 POS Port Adapter, Refurbished
Cisco PA-POS-2OC3-RF Internal 155.52Mbit/s networking card
2-Port OC-3/STM-1 POS Port Adapter, Refurbished
Cisco ASR 1000 network interface processor
ASR1000 SPA Interface Processor 40, Refurbished
Cisco 15454-OTU2-XP Multi-Service Transmission Platform (MSTP)
Ethernet 4-10 Gigabit Ethernet Xponder, Spare
Cisco N7K-M108X2-12L-RF network switch module
Nexus 7000 Series 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Module with XL Option, RF
Cisco CPT-PTM-10GX4 Packet Transport Network (PTN) system
Packet Transport Module 4x10GE, Spare
Cisco SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR= Internal Fiber 2560Mbit/s networking card
1 port OC48c/STM-16c POS/RPR Shared Port Adapter, Spare
Cisco SPA-8X1GE-V2= Internal Fiber networking card
8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter, Spare
Cisco SPA-1CHOC3-CE-ATM= network switch module
1-Port Channelized OC-3/STM-1 Circuit Emulation and ATM SPA, Spare
Cisco 15454-MRC-I-12 MSPP transport networking transmission equipment
12-port SFP-based multirate optics card, intra-office, SONET systems
Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM= network interface processor
2-Port T3/E3 Circuit Emulation and ATM SPA
Cisco SPA-4X1FE-TX-V2= Internal Ethernet 1024Mbit/s networking card
4-Port 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet Shared Port Adapter V2, spare