LAN & WAN Modules


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Hewlett Packard Enterprise T5528A software license/upgrade
HP B-series Integrated Routing LTU
Cisco N55-M160L3-V2-RF network switch module
Nexus 5596 Layer 3 Expansion Module, version 2, RF
Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G2 network interface processor
uBR7200 Network Processing Engine 3x GE/FE/E ports, 1GB DRAM, 256MB Flash, Spare
Cisco NM-HD-1V-RF voice network module
1 Slot IP Voice/Fax, Refurbished
Hewlett Packard Enterprise JL150A Gigabit Ethernet network switch module
Alcatel-Lucent 7x50 48-port GbE SFP IMM 8 VPRN E-LTU Bundle
Hewlett Packard Enterprise JL325A network switch module
Aruba 2930M 2-port Stacking Module
Cisco WS-X45-SUP8-E= network switch module
Catalyst 4500E Series Supervisor, 928 Gbps, Spare
Cisco NAM-NX1 network switch module
Nexus 7000 Series Network Analysis Module
Cisco PVDM4-32U64 voice network module
PVDM4 32-channel to 64-channel factory upgrade
Cisco Flex 7500 Ethernet LAN Wi-Fi network management device
Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller for up to 3000 Cisco access points
Cisco ISM-SRE-300-K9 1060MHz 512MB services-ready engine (SRE) module
ISM, 1.06 GHz, 512 MB DRAM, 4 GB Flash, 20W, Refurbished
Cisco A9K-MOD80-SE network switch module
ASR 9000 Mod80 Modular Line Card, Service Edge Optimized, Refurbished