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Add-On Computer Peripherals (ACP) ADD-CWDWMUX816E-LC Black 2U Rack Console
ADD-CWDWMUX816E-LC - LC, 19” Rack Mount Package, 2U
Add-On Computer Peripherals (ACP) ADD-OADM-1DWDM rack accessory
1U 19inch 1-ch DWDM optical multiplexer
Cisco ONS 15216 Patch Panel
ONS 15216 Exposed Faceplate Mux/Demux 40 - Channel Patch Panel, RF
Cisco Single-Wavelength 1530nm Dual-Channel OADM
Single-Wavelength 1530nm Dual-Channel OADM with Monitor Ports and LC Connectors
Cisco CWDM-OADM1-1550= Wave Division Multiplexer
Single-wavelength (1550) dual-channel OADM
Cisco DWDM, SFP+, 10Gbps Fiber optic 1549.32nm 10000Mbit/s SFP+ network transceiver module
DWDM, SFP+, 1549.32nm, 10Gbps, 100GHz ITU grid
Cisco ONS-SC+-10GEP40.5= 10000Mbit/s SFP+ 1540.56nm network transceiver module
10G MR, Edge Performance, SFP+, 1540.56nm, 100GHz, LC
Cisco ONS-SC+-10GEP42.1= 10000Mbit/s SFP+ 1542.14nm network transceiver module
10G MR, Edge Performance, SFP+, 1542.14nm, 100GHz, LC