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0.5m FDR Quad Small Form Factor, Pluggable, InfiniBand Copper Cable

External 0.5m (1ft) Mini-SAS HD 4x to Mini-SAS HD 4x Cable

0.5m Ext. Mini-SAS HD to Mini-SAS cable

HP 1 year Post Warranty Call to Repair DL380 G7 w/IC Foundation Care Service

HP 1 Year Post Warranty 6 hour CallToRepair 24X7 with CDMR 1U USB Tape Array Proactive Care Service

HP 1 year 24x7 HP VAN SDN Ctrl 50-node E-LTU Foundation Care Software Service

HP 1 year 24x7 HP VAN SDN Ctrl Base SW w/ 50-node E-LTU Foundation Care Service

HP 1 year 4-Hour Exchange HP 1810-48G Switch Foundation Care Service

HP 1 year 4-Hour Exchange Plus HP WX Access Controller Support

HP 1 year Call to Repair HP 1810-48G Switch Foundation Care Service

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