Microsoft VStudio Foundatn Svr CAL, Lic/SA Pack OLP NL, EN

Manufacturer part number 126-00306
Vendor Microsoft
Visual Studio 2005 provides a range of tools that offer many benefits for individual developers and software development teams:

-Be more productive and obtain faster results
-Build dynamic Windows, Web, mobile, and Office-based solutions
-Communicate and collaborate more effectively within your software teams
-Ensure quality early and often throughout the development process

Manage Change Successfully

Team Foundation Server is a productive and effective solution for managing change across organizations of all sizes. Team Foundation Server enables you to securely manage all project artifacts and source code in one repository. At the same time, Team Foundation Server automatically captures the information you need to provide full traceability between source code, builds and work items (such as requirements, bugs and tests).

Bring Teams Together

Collaboration is a key attribute of successful teams. Team Foundation Server is designed to help teams collaborate regardless of the organizational, physical, or geographical boundaries that separate them. Team Foundation Server can support your entire organization on multiple tools platforms and technologies through standards-based Web services. When combined with partner solutions, Team Foundation Server can also support development using other platforms and tools, including UNIX, Mac OS, and Eclipse.

Improve Visibility and Predictability

Gaining insight into your development process is difficult to achieve. Team Foundation Server delivers visibility into your development efforts using process templates and automatic data collection throughout the development process. You can make informed decisions on prioritization, resource allocation and application readiness for production based on real-time business intelligence from Team Foundation Server’s SQL Server data warehouse. The reports and process enacted in Team Foundation Server can be completely customized to meet the specific process and methodology needs of your organization.
Language version English
System requirements
Minimum hard disk space 2048 MB
Minimum RAM 384 MB
Minimum processor 2.0 Ghz
Platform PC
Compatible operating systems Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4,, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, x64 Editions, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, x64 E
Mac compatibility N
Technical details
Software type Box
Visual Stdio Foundatn Svr, Pack OLP C level, License & Software Assurance, 1 server license, EN
Visual Stdio Foundatn Svr, Pack OLP NL, License & Software Assurance, 1 server license, EN
Visual Stdio Foundatn Svr, OLP NL, Software Assurance, 1 server license, EN
Visual Stdio Foundatn Svr, Pack OLV NL, License & Software Assurance – Annual fee, 1 server license,