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Siig IC-510211-S1 Internal 5.1channels PCI-E audio card
Dual Profile, PCie, Dolby Digital 5.1, 24bit, S/PDIF optical out ICUSBAUDIO7D 7.1channels USB audio card 7.1 USB Audio Adapter External Sound Card with SPDIF Digital Audio - External USB Lapto ICUSBAUDIOB USB audio card
USB Stereo Audio Adapter External Sound Card PCISOUND5CH2 Internal 5.1channels PCI audio card 5.1 Channel PCI Surround Sound Card Adapter - PCI Sound Card - 5.1 Sound Card - Audio C PEXSOUND7CH Internal 7.1channels PCI-E x1 audio card 7.1 Channel Sound Card - PCI Express - 24-bit - 192KHz - SPDIF Digital Optical and 3.5m USB Adapter 7.1 card 7.1channels USB
USB 7.1 Adapter External Card, White
Tripp Lite U237-001 USB networking card
Virtual 7.1-Channel USB External Sound Card