APC CDU Flexible Fluid Piping 37730g Heat Sink Compound

Manufacturer part number C2
Vendor APC
Flexible piping
Flexible piping allows for quick deployment and start up.

Seamless piping
Seamless piping minimizes the risk of fluid leaks in data centers.

Coolant isolation
Allows isolation of cooling circuits for servicing.
Color of product White
Weight & dimensions
Weight 83.1 lbs (37.7 kg)
APC G50B-20A2 9AC outlet(s) 2.44m Black surge protector
Rack Power Filter, 120V, Input 5-20P, Output 9x 5-20R, Black
APC G50NETB-20A2 electronic filter
120V, 20A, 2.44m Cord, Rack, LEDs, Black
APC G50NETB2 electronic filter
120V, 15A, 2.44m Cord, Rack, LEDs, Black