Bretford HA131BG1 mounting kit

Manufacturer part number HA131BG1
Vendor Bretford
Now you can attach Bretford's MobilePro Desk Mount and MobilePro Desk Mount Combo to your work-surface, without drilling mounting holes.

This new Accessory Clamp bolts directly to the center pole, and provides solid support for up to 31 pounds (14 kg) on each side of the center pole - one side for the MobilePro Desk Mount; both sides for the MobilePro Desk Mount Combo.

Full Support - The MobilePro Accessory Clamp provides full-weight support for the MobilePro Desk Mount, or MobilePro Desk Mount Combo (sold separately), allowing you to mount up to 31lbs (14kg) on each bracket.

Works With MobilePro - The MobilePro Accessory Clamp works with your MobilePro Desk Mount or MobilePro Desk Mount combo, enabling you to use these mounts on surfaces without drilling.
Technical details
Color of product Black, Grey
Maximum weight capacity 30.9 lbs (14 kg)
Compatibility MobilePro Desk Mount/Desk Mount Combo.
CMA151, 1.5" to 1" NPT Adapter, Silver
ASP401 Individual Control System
TCDPT - audio/video faceplate - 2xVGA, 3.5mm, S-Video, RCA