Ruckus Wireless 803-R500-3000 warranty & support extension

Manufacturer part number 803-R500-3000
Vendor Ruckus
Technical Support Programs

Our worldwide team of highly experienced Ruckus Technical Support engineers offers quality, knowledgeable and responsive support. Our complete satisfaction goal and best-in-class support ensures customers the uptime their business requires to be competitive.

Ruckus world class support just got better

We are now offering two great support programs tailored to your business. WatchDog is designed for our enterprise, education and small-business customers. BullDog support is designed for the most demanding Carrier and Service Provider businesses.
Number of years 3 year(s)
Compatibility ZoneFlex R500
HP 5y 4h 9x5 Onsite WS Only HW Support
HP 5y 4h 9x5 Onsite WS Only HW Support
HP U9JT1E installation service
HP Installation Service with network configuration for Personal Scanner and Printer (1 unit)
HP Installation Service with network con
HP Inst SVC w/nw Workgroup Printer
HP Inst SVC w/nw Department Printer