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Cisco 7600 ES+ Gigabit Ethernet network switch module
7600 ES+ Line Card, 4x10GE XFP with DFC 3CXL, Refurbished
Cisco WS-X4920-GBRJ45-RF Internal 1Gbit/s switch component
Catalyst 4900M 20-port 10/100/1000 RJ-45 half card, RF ST122HDMILE HDMI video splitter 2 Port HDMI Video Splitter with Audio - USB Powered
Lenovo Defcon Cable Lock 1.98m cable lock
Targus Defcon Cable Lock, 6.5 feet
Cisco ASA-IC-6GE-SFPC-RF Internal Fiber 1000Mbit/s networking card
ASA Interface Card with 6 SFP Gigabit Ethernet data ports (SX, LH, LX) for ASA 5545-X and ASA 5555-X
Cisco 76-ES+T-20G-RF Fast Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet network switch module
7600 Ethernet Services Plus Line Card, 20xGE with DFC 3CXL, refurbished
Cisco A9K-2X100GE-SE-RF network switch module
Cisco ASR 9000 2-Port 100GE Service Edge Optimized Line Card, Requires CFP optics
Siig CE-VG0K11-S1 VGA video switch
2x2 VGA & Audio Matrix Switch
Cisco WS-X6716-10G-3C-RF network switch module
Catalyst 6500 16-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Module with DFC3C, requires X2, Ref
Hewlett Packard Enterprise JH241A Gigabit Ethernet network switch module
HPE FlexFabric 12900 48-port GbE SFP FX Module
Cisco EHWIC-D-8ESG-P= Internal Ethernet networking card
8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card PoE, Spare
Cisco 1 Port 10 Gigabit 10240Mbit/s networking card
1-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter Spare